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The Environmental Quality Board is pleased to present the Environmental Review Projects Database. The searchable database allows you to find information about projects noticed in the EQB Monitor. As projects are submitted to the EQB Monitor, the database stores that information within their own project pages. By accessing a specific project page you can access information regarding the project and also download all environmental review documents and decision documents from the project. The search function and map within the database allows you to locate projects by location, environmental review type and process, or mandatory category. 

Database Features

  • Search functionality increasing users' ability to find projects that have completed environmental review or are currently undergoing the process
  • Permanent access to all environmental review documents from each project
  • Library of usable information regarding past environmental review projects
  • Environmental Review Projects Database

    The database will house all environmental review projects since the launch in May of 2023. With any questions on using the database please contact EQB staff at 651-757-2873 or