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What is the EQB?

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is a forum for leadership and coordination across Minnesota state agencies on complex, priority environmental issues. As a public-facing board, the EQB strives to engage Minnesotans and provide greater access to conversations regarding the future of our environment.

The Board has a responsibility to address issues affecting our water, land, air, energy, and climate. In addition the EQB functions as the coordinating body for Minnesota's Environmental Review Program. Environmental Review was established by the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA); for a brief history of MEPA, see MEPA turns 50.

The EQB's mission is to enhance Minnesota's environmental quality for current and future generations by leading interagency work to advance meaningful public engagement and facilitate informed decision-making on critical environmental issues.  


EQB's 5-Year Strategic Plan


In 2018, EQB adopted a 5-year strategic plan.

Purpose: To provide a broad framework to guide the board's action and decision-making for the next 5 years. The plan identifies 6 priority results and possible strategies to achieve them, but is flexible enough to accommodate emerging issues and shifting priorities.

  1.  The EQB fosters innovative policy development that balances Minnesotans' environmental quality, public health, economic vitality, equity, societal quality of life, and sustained natural resources.
  2. The EQB provides leadership on priority emerging environmental issues by identifying emerging issues, convening conversations and deliberating policy issues.
  3. The EQB's environmental review process is transparent, accountable, efficient, and creates/sustains a healthy environment and strong economy for Minnesota.
  4. Minnesotans are engaged in policy conversations and diverse/underrepresented group are actively included and considered in policy development.
  5. The EQB is a trusted partner with state agencies in the collaborative work of enhancing Minnesota's long-term environmental quality.
  6. The EQB provides support to local governments on environmental review and the implementation of environmental policies and programs.

EQB’s strategic plan is informed and shaped by the following guiding principles:

  • Leadership and action that prioritizes Minnesota’s environmental quality, public health, safety, and welfare;
  • Trust between the board, public, decision makers, project proposers, and partner organizations;
  • Collaboration with partner agencies, outside groups, and the public;
  • Respect for public values, state law, and agency rules;
  • Evidence-based planning, that implements current science in policy development and decision making;
  • Innovation that fosters creative solutions in policy and program decisions; and
  • Equity for all Minnesotans’ environmental, economic, and social wellbeing.