The EQB Monitor is a weekly publication announcing environmental review documents, public comment periods and other actions of the Environmental Quality Board. In 2021, the EQB Monitor is published every Tuesday at 12:00 pm. Submissions to the EQB Monitor are due by 4:00 pm on the Tuesday one week prior to the intended publication date. See below for information on updates in 2021.

To submit information to be published in the EQB Monitor, please click the link below to access the submission form. For questions, please contact EQB staff at or 651-757-2873.

Click here to use the 2021 EQB Monitor Submission Form

Publication Date Change – January 5, 2021

On January 5, 2021, the EQB Monitor publication date changed to Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m. Here is an updated 2021 EQB Monitor publication schedule: 2021 EQB Monitor Schedule

Submissions to the EQB Monitor are due by 4:00 pm on the Tuesday one week prior to the intended publication date. 


What other updates are coming?

EQB staff will be introducing a series of updates throughout 2021. The updates will streamline and setup a user-friendly Monitor Submission process that will make environmental review project related data more easily accessible for everyone.

EQB Monitor Submission Form: We are developing a new EQB Monitor submission form. On the new form, Responsible Government Units (RGUs) will have an account to submit project data. With this account, RGUs will be able to find all of their previously submitted projects and next steps for active projects undergoing environmental review.

Environmental Review Project Database: This improvement will make it easier for people to find environmental review project information. A database will be publicly available for anyone to search and find information on environmental review projects.

Environmental Review Project Pages: Each project in the database will present environmental review information on their own unique webpage. These pages will make environmental review documents readily accessible and include further project specific details.

Environmental Review Projects Interactive Map: The map will continue to provide an interactive way to find information on active projects undergoing environmental review in your community. Updates to the map will connect you with additional information by linking to project specific pages within the Environmental Review Projects Database.


When will more details about each of these updates come?

EQB staff will provide updates on a rolling basis in advanced of any changes. To find out more and stay up-to-date, check back on this webpage or look for our notifications by subscribing to the EQB Monitor.

For additional information:

EQB Online Calendar: Check the EQB online calendar for EQB Monitor submission deadlines and publication dates.

2021 EQB Monitor Schedule: See the 2021 submission deadlines and comment period deadline schedule

Environmental Review Distribution List: Download the environmental review distribution list of responsible parties required to receive a copy of environmental review documents

EQB Monitor Archive: A list of previous EQB Monitor publications


Please contact EQB staff by phone 651-757-2873 or email