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If you are concerned about a new project or are affected by a project occurring in your area and believe there are environmental risks that have not yet been assessed, you may want to get involved. Members of the public can participate in the environmental review process in a number of ways, including commenting on the environmental impacts of projects or petitioning for environmental review of a project. The guidance documents below are meant to help guide public participation in the environmental review process but they are not a substitute for Minnesota Rules 4410. If you would like to stay up to date on projects that are going through environmental review, please sign up for the EQB Monitor. The EQB Monitor is a weekly publication announcing environmental review documents, public comment periods and other actions of the Environmental Quality Board.

Please note that the guidance documents provided on this page are not intended to substitute for Minnesota Rules 4410. They are designed to assist in the implementation of the environmental review process. The guidance documents do not alter the rules or change their meaning; if any inconsistencies arise between these documents and the rules, the rules take precedent. Please contact EQB Staff with any questions at or 651-757-2873.

For additional information:

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