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The guides below are designed to help practitioners and proposers implement environmental review processes more effectively and efficiently. Please note that the information is provided as a resource and it is important to know that the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) has no jurisdiction over local government planning and community development. The primary role of the EQB is to advise organizations on the proper procedures for environmental review and to monitor the effectiveness of the process in general. The EQB is not the proper forum for reporting poor community development procedures or practices.

Please note that the guidance documents provided on this page are not intended to substitute for Minnesota Rules 4410. They are designed to assist in the implementation of the environmental review process. The guidance documents do not alter the rules or change their meaning; if any inconsistencies arise between these documents and the rules, the rules take precedent. Please contact EQB Staff with any questions at or 651-757-2873.

For additional information:

Environmental Assessment Worksheet Process

Environmental Impact Statement Process

Alternative Urban Areawide Review Process

Citizen Petition Process

Guidance Video (YouTube)

Environmental Review Master Contract

General Guidance:

A quick guide to the environmental review process.

Information and tips for local governments about hiring and working with consultants to help prepare environmental review documents.

 Information and tips for project proposers about hiring and working with consultants to prepare environmental review data submittals.