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The alternative urban areawide review (AUAR) process is a hybrid of the environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) and environmental impact statement (EIS) review processes. responsible governmental units (RGU) can use an AUAR as a planning tool to understand how different development scenarios will affect the environment of their community before the development occurs. The process is designed to look at the cumulative impacts of anticipated development scenarios within a given geographic area. The AUAR document uses a list of questions adapted from the EAW form, but provides a level of analysis of typical urban area impacts comparable to an EIS. Environmental analysis information from an AUAR can be used to inform local planning and zoning decisions.

Please note that the guidance documents provided on this page are not intended to substitute for Minnesota Rules 4410. They are designed to assist in the implementation of the environmental review process. The guidance documents do not alter the rules or change their meaning; if any inconsistencies arise between these documents and the rules, the rules take precedent. Please contact EQB Staff with any questions at or 651-757-2873.

For additional information:

Quick Reference: Alternative Urban Areawide Review: Provides a brief overview of the process for completing an AUAR

Alternative Urban Areawide Review Documents: Recommended Content and Format: Provides guidance on the content and format for AUARs

The distribution list of all responsible parties required to receive a copy of environmental review documents

A guide to aid units of government and others involved in the Minnesota Environmental Review Program

Information and tips for local governments about hiring and working with consultants to help prepare environmental review documents

Information and tips for project proposers about hiring and working with consultants to prepare environmental review data submittals