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Please note that additional resources related the sulfate water quality standard to protect wild rice are available on the MPCA website.  

9/27 Meeting Materials:

MPCA Wild Rice Sulfate/Sulfide Overview Presentation

EPA Water Quality Standards

Administrative Law Judge Report and MPCA Response

10/11 Meeting Materials:

Fond du Lac Resources

Note: All .pdfs for open source literature are linked and uploaded on bolded author's names.

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Role of Sulfate on Wild Rice Health

Tribal-State Relations and Tribal Consultation Panel

10/25 Meeting Materials:

Peter David Manoomin Presentation

Dr. Alexander Kahler Wild Rice Protection and Restoration Presentation

DNR Protection and Restoration Handout

10/26 Meeting Materials:

Gary Drotts Wild Rice Waters Presentation

MPCA Wiild Rice Waters Presentation

DNR Updated List of Rice Waters

11/08 Meeting Materials:

MPCA, Sulfate Treatment Legislative Fact Sheet

MPCA, Analyzing Alternatives for Sulfate Treatment in Municipal Wastewater

Presentation on Sulfate Treatment and Variance Process

12/6 Meeting Materials:

DNR 350 Water List