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Minnesota Pollinator Action Framework

The final report is ready!


We can all play a part in helping restore pollinator health and safeguarding our food systems, lands, and way of life. To guide this work, the Interagency Pollinator Protection Team developed an action framework with the collaboration of subject-matter experts, organizations who work to protect pollinators, and pollinator enthusiasts. The framework is a set of recommended actions to help pollinators in Minnesota over the long term. These recommendations include state-led actions, actions the state Legislation can enact by writing laws and allocating funds, and actions members of the public can do. 

The framework is organized around our desired outcome of healthy and diverse pollinator populations in Minnesota, and our three pollinator protection goals:

  1. Lands throughout Minnesota support healthy, diverse, and abundant pollinator populations
  2. Minnesotans use pesticides judiciously and only when necessary, to reduce harm to pollinators from pesticides while retaining economic strength
  3. Minnesotans understand, value, and actively support pollinators

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