Since the early 1990's an interagency group of water monitoring technical experts has been meeting on a regular basis to ensure efficiency and interagency coordination.

This web page was created to support the activities of the group. Information generated for each of the meetings will be posted here.

The Interagency Water Monitoring Technical Work Group has been meeting regularly for more than ten years to share experiences and plans for collecting information about Minnesota's water resources. The membership of the work group consists of representatives of federal, state, and local government agencies that gather or use environmental monitoring results in the protective management of the State's waters. Some of the groups represented are the U.S. and Minnesota geological surveys, the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, Minnesota state departments and agencies for natural resources, pollution control, transportation, water and soil resources, climatology and planning, as well as federal weather agencies. Meetings are held in St. Paul, usually twice per year, and attendees are primarily working out of offices in the Twin Cities Metro area. Inclusion on the group email distribution list is liberal, allowing members to review agendas and share information in electronic format if travel to the meeting is impractical.Winter 2010 Meeting Agenda

Fall 2009 Meeting


Land use cover in Minnesota

An interagency group of water monitoring technical experts meets on a regular basis to ensure efficiency and interagency coordination
Minnesota Environmental Quality Board; Minnesota Environmental Quality Board. Water program
Minnesota Environmental Quality Board
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November 20, 2009
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