The EQB Monitor is a weekly publication announcing environmental review documents, public comment periods and other actions of the Environmental Quality Board. The EQB Monitor is published every Monday at 8:00 am. Submissions to the Monitor are due by 4:00 pm on the Monday one week prior to the intended publication date.

New Monitor Submission Form: We have updated the Monitor Submission Form to improve the quality of information collected about the projects and notices being submitted for publication.

To submit information to be published in the EQB Monitor, please click the link below to access the submission form. For questions, please contact EQB Staff at or 651-757-2873.

Click here to use the EQB Monitor Submission Form

For additional information:

EQB Online Calendar: Check the EQB online calendar for Monitor submission deadlines and publication dates.

2019 EQB Monitor Schedule: See the submission deadlines and comment period deadline schedule

Environmental Review Distribution List: Download the environmental review distribution list of responsible parties required to receive a copy of environmental review documents

View past EQB Monitor publications below:

Title Date
PDF icon Monitor1997Merged.pdf September 25, 2007
PDF icon Monitor1995Merged.pdf September 25, 2007
PDF icon Monitor1998Merged.pdf September 25, 2007
PDF icon EQBMonitor2007-09-24.pdf September 21, 2007
PDF icon Monitor2007-09-10.pdf September 10, 2007
PDF icon EQBMonitor2007-08-27a.pdf August 24, 2007
PDF icon EQBMonitor2007-8-13a.pdf August 13, 2007
PDF icon EQBMonitor7-30-07.pdf July 30, 2007
PDF icon EQBMonitor7-16-07b.pdf July 18, 2007
PDF icon EQBMonitor7-2-07.pdf June 29, 2007