EQB wants your input on the 2020 State Water Plan. 

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The proposed approach of the 2020 Water Plan is to focus on climate change and sustainable water management


Outcomes include:


  • Deeper understanding of how climate change /variability affects water management

  • Prioritized actions for the coming decade

  • Shared priorities and vision across agencies


Due: September 15, 2020












EQB's Beyond the Status Quo: 2015 EQB Water Policy Report is the result of collaboration across state agencies to to move beyond the status quo on water challenges. This report was required by Minnesota Statutes 103A.204 and 103A.43.

Key Findings

The EQB’s Water Policy Report focuses on addressing issues including stewardship of water resources, the management of the built environment, increasing the living cover across watersheds, and helping Minnesota remain resilient to extreme rainfall. Key findings from the report include:

  • Minnesota is a Global Leader in Water – We are a global leader in production of technology to treat, reuse, and conserve water. This leadership results from the intersection of our entrepreneurs, cutting-edge research and development, a world-class education system, and a cluster of innovative industries.
  • Land Usage Affects Our Water – The choices landowners make on the landscape determine whether it is able to hold the soil, absorb rainfall, and filter nutrients. Similarly, the choices we make in the built environment affect how water drains off roads and other impervious surfaces, carrying contaminants that can impair water quality.
  • Land Usage Results in Significant Costs – Building in floodplains and human changes to watersheds that increase runoff combine to increase flood damages. Pollutants make public waters unfit for consumption, swimming, or fishing.

About the Report

This report was prepared by the EQB, with the Board of Water and Soil Resources, Department of Agriculture, Department of Employment and Economic Development, Department of Health, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Council, and Pollution Control Agency. 

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