Climate Change and Environmental Review - Pilot Program


On September 15, 2021 the Environmental Quality Board approved implementation of a Pilot Program to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of climate information included on the draft revised Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW form). All state agencies with the delegated responsibility for implementing Minnesota’s Environmental Review Program are committed to participating. Local units of government and consultants responsible for reviewing projects are invited to voluntarily participate.

The Pilot Program will provide an opportunity for designated responsible governmental units (RGUs)  to receive support as they learn and practice using the draft revised EAW form. The objectives of the Pilot Program are to:

  • Learn what is working/not working as RGUs complete the draft revised EAW form
  • Better understand the effectiveness of requested climate information
  • Identify additional resource and guidance needs

Register for the Pilot Program:

  • designated State agencies,

  • all local units of governments and

  • consultants 

Subcommittee for Pilot Program Implementation

At the November 2021 Environmental Quality Board (EQB) meeting, the EQB passed a resolution to establish a subcommittee of Board members to steer implementation of the draft revised Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW). More information about the Subcomittee for Pilot Program Implemetation (SPPI) as well as meeting days and times can be found on the SPPI webpage.


Draft revised EAW form

Any RGU may choose to use the draft revised EAW form at any time.  Registration in the Pilot Program is not required.



  • October/November/December 2021 – Design Pilot Program framework; register Pilot Program participants
  • January and July 2022 – Begin Pilot Program; Update Environmental Review Implementation Subcommittee
  • October and November 2022 – Compile information from Pilot Program 
  • December 2022 – Present final EAW form to Board for approval


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I register for the Pilot Program if I do not know whether I will have an active EAW during the time of the program?

State and Local RGUs and consultants are encouraged to register and participate in the Pilot Program, even if they are not sure they will have a project undergoing review. During the Pilot Program, EQB will host collaborative forums that will include presentations by technical experts and opportunities to raise questions for discussion.

  • Can I attend the collaborative forums, if I do not register for the Pilot Program?

All RGUs and technical consultants are invited to participate in the collaborative forums, even if they do not have active projects undergoing review. However, registration is required  to receive links for virtual participation and meeting materials.

  • When does the Pilot Program begin?

The Pilot Program will officially kick-off on January 19, 2022.  The collaborative forums will begin after that date. Once you register to participate, you will begin receiving updates.

  • If I have an active EAW that is undergoing review now, but will not be noticed in the EQB Monitor until after the Pilot Program begins, what EAW form should I use?

All RGUs have discretion for what information should be included on the EAW form, based on the nature and location of each project. The Pilot Program will not change that discretion. If an RGU determines climate information is relevant, they may begin using the draft revised EAW form at any time.

  • I am a project proposer, how will I know if my project is required to use the new form?

Once you determine that review is required, the designated RGU will let you know what information is necessary and which form to use.



Please contact Denise Wilson (651.757.2523) with questions and/or to request past materials on this project.