EQB is seeking your input on draft recommendations

The Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is considering changes to the Environmental Review Program to address climate change. EQB identified climate change as an important issue facing Minnesota and made it the main organizing focus for the biennial work plan. Additionally, Governor Walz directed ‘‘state government [to] work across the enterprise in a coordinated approach to develop equitable strategies that will mitigate climate change and achieve greater resilience.”

Currently, environmental review documents do not include information about a project’s greenhouse gas emissions and the relationship between climate change and other environmental impacts in a systematic way. EQB members are proposing changes that would help project proposers, decisions makers, and members of the public identify opportunities to:

  • Consider the effects of climate change on proposed projects
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Integrate climate adaptation and resiliency measures
  • Improve environmental outcomes



  • January/February 2021: Collect written feedback
  • March/April 2021: Collect written feedback and conduct listening sessions (dates and times TBD)
  • May/June 2021: Compile and summarize feedback; Environmental Review Implementation Subcommittee reviews revised recommendations
  • July 2021: Present final recommendations to Environmental Quality Board members


Draft Recommendations

EQB is seeking your input on draft recommendations before making final decisions on any program changes.

Recommended changes include:

  • Revisions to the Environmental Assessment Worksheet Form (page 8; Appendix A: page 14)
  • A new mandatory Environmental Impact Statement category (Page 11)
  • Guidance Developing a carbon footprint (Appendix B1: page 24)
  • Climate adaptation and resilience (Appendix B2: page 48)


How to Participate

There are multiple methods you can use to ask questions, propose changes, or share your views on the draft recommendations.

  • Submit written feedback. This input will be accepted through March 31, 2021. Please let us know if you support the draft recommendations as proposed, or suggest constructive changes you could support.  
  • Request an interview. EQB will conduct a one-on-one interviews with a limited number of people. Email us to be considered for an interview.
  • Complete a survey. 
    • Sign up for the Climate Change and Environmental Review email list to be notified when the survey is available.
  • Attend a listening session. Two listening sessions will be scheduled in spring 2021. 
    • Sign up for the Climate Change in Environmental Review email list to be notified about listening sessions.


Stay up to date: 

  • Sign up for the Climate Change and Environmental Review list to receive emails about this project.


Feedback Received

The Environmental Review Climate Technical Team will use this input to revise the draft recommendations and bring them to the Environmental Review Implementation Subcommittee for modification and approval. Summaries of feedback will be posted here when available.