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In 2022, the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) started a Pilot Program that will test and evaluate the inclusion of climate change information in environmental review throughout Minnesota. To do this, EQB facilitated the development of a draft revised environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) form that includes climate information.

Current opportunities to participate

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The Minnesota Infrastructure Carbon Estimator (MICE) tool, user guide, and training video are now available online

The tool can be used to estimate the lifecycle energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the construction and maintenance of transportation facilities. Questions about the tool can be directed to:

Peter Wasko                                Natalie Ries
Out-State Districts                       Metro District
651-366-5801                              651-234-7681

Speaker Series

The Climate Change and Environmental Review Speaker Series concluded in June 2022. Please see the meeting recordings below for previous sessions.

DateMeeting LinkTitleHandoutsPresentationMeeting Recording
February 24, 2022Webex LinkGreenhouse Gas AssessmentTechnical Assessment Memorandum - May 2021PresentationVideo Recording
March 24, 2022Webex LinkGet to know the MnDOT MICE GHG Calculator NonePresentationVideo Recording
April 28, 2022Webex LinkEnvironmental Review from the Community Advocate's PerspectiveNonePresentation
Video Recording
May 23, 2022Webex LinkImplementing tools for climate adaptation and planning in MinnesotaNonePresentationVideo Recording
June 23, 2022Webex LinkConsiderations for responsible governmental units when creating an administrative record PresentationVideo Recording



During this Pilot Program, responsible governmental units (RGUs) have the option to use the draft revised EAW on a voluntary basis. During this process, EQB will seek feedback from RGUs, technical consultants, project proposers, and other interested members of the public on the proposed changes. In December of 2022, EQB will use the data collected to inform decision making and approve changes to the EAW. This work is guided by the Subcommittee on Pilot Program Implementation (SPPI). More details about the Pilot Program are included in the SPPI Memo to ERIS

Key components of the Pilot Program

EQB is planning several meetings, events, and opportunities for providing feedback. Sign up to receive email updates about these opportunities.

  • Speaker Series. These public events will include presentations by technical experts about incorporating climate information into environmental review. RGUs, consultants, project proposers, and interested members of the public are welcome to attend. 
  • Testing and Evaluation Cohort. RGUs and technical consultants can register for the cohort to test the draft revised EAW. This is a shared learning space with fellow environmental review practitioners. Cohort members will attend Speakers Series events, test and evaluate the revised draft environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) form, receive technical assistance, and provide feedback to EQB along the way. 
  • Surveys. EQB will offer surveys to collect feedback about the proposed changes to the EAW form. All interested parties are encouraged to fill out surveys.
  • Board and Subcommittee meetings. The EQB and two of its subcommittees (ERIS and SPPI) will be discussing the Pilot Program over the course of 2022. These meetings will be open to the public.