A technical committee of the Water Availability Work Group has been formed to meet twice in June. This group will evaluate past, ongoing and future projects in the area of water availability and sustainability. This technical group will seek to address:


To understand the broad issues related to water resources in Minnesota, the project should aim to answer the following questions:

  • What do and don’t we know about Minnesota’s ground water resources?
  • Can we make any estimates on water availability in a broad sense?
  • What’s our water resources management strategy?
  • Do we have a sustainable planning strategy? What is it?
  • What do we want to know from a resource management and planning perspective?
  • Can we identify the data gaps and develop tools that would improve our understanding in any of the areas we’d like to know more about?

This web site hosts information for this group, meeting agendas, supporting documents and items for which we are seeking group input.

Please direct questions or comments to:

Princesa VanBuren, EQB, 651-201-2478, princesa.vanburen@state.mn.us or
Jeanette Leete, DNR Waters, 651-259-5687, jeanette.leete@state.mn.us