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Governor Mark Dayton wants Minnesota to accelerate the pace of progress towards clean water


In February 2017 Governor Mark Dayton announced a new “25 by ‘25” Water Quality Goal, which would spur collaboration and action to improve Minnesota’s water quality 25 percent by 2025. Without additional action, the quality of Minnesota’s waters is expected to improve only 7 to 8 percent by 2034. Governor Dayton hosted a series of Town Halls over the summer and fall of last year. This report summarizes key findings including more than 3,500 suggestions from more than 2,000 meeting attendees, recommends strategies to boost water quality education efforts, empower local action and collaboration, and increase investments in local clean water infrastructure, among other ideas.

Download the Report:25by25 Final Report



Locations and dates of Town Hall Meetings (click for highlights from the meetings):




Agencies involved in #25by25MN

  • Department of Health
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Pollution Control Agency 
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Board of Water and Soil Resources
  • Environmental Quality Board
  • Public Facilities Authority