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Additional background literature

Here are additional supporting documents for the water availability technical committee to consider:

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Water availability project


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State water plan


According to Minnesota Statutes 103B.151, the Environmental Quality Board is to coordinate a comprehensive long-range water resources plan for the state every ten years.

2020 State Water Plan: Water and Climate:

Water Plan Cover

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State board presses for clean water, water-supply and wetlands initiatives

A Minnesota Environmental Quality Board report released today
calls for resolving competing plans for financing the cleanup of impaired
waters, new water supply studies and increased protections for the state’s

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5-Year Water Policy report

Minnesota Statutes, sections 103A.43 and 103B.151, directs the Environmental Quality Board to coordinate state water programs and develop a 5-year water policy and priorities report.

In furtherance of this mission, a committee of the board – the Clean Water Cabinet – and staff in the state’s water agencies have worked to coordinate the Governor’s Clean Water Initiative and define state water priorities.

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Water sustainability assessment

Minnesota Statutes,
section 103A.43
directs the Environmental Quality Board and Department of Natural Resources to conduct a biennial assessment of the availability of
water to meet the state’s long range needs. The most recent report, Use
of Minnesota’s Renewable Water Resources: Moving Toward Sustainability,
was completed April 2007, with ongoing activities in preparation for the next biennial reporting. The analysis found that counties in the Twin Cities-St. Cloud growth

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