Generic environmental impact statement on animal agriculture

Feedlots are the focus of the Generic Environmental Impact Statement on Animal Agriculture, along with the broader environmental, social and economic factors surrounding animal agriculture. Funded by the 1998 Minnesota Legislature, the study is being conducted because of the recent debate over the livestock-raising industry and will be used to shape future policy options.

Principal documents:


Technical Work Papers:

The Environmental Quality Board contracted with various experts through a competitive bidding and interview process to produce 10 technical work papers exploring major topics raised in the generic environmental impact statement on animal agriculture.

This information was intended to explore the complex topic areas of Animal Agriculture in Minnesota in greater depth than the Summary of Literature document released by EQB in 1999. These individual subject area experts were hired through a competitive bidding process and after interviews with EQB staff and members of the Citizen`s Advisory committee (CAC), each of the TWP consultant`s presented their preliminary and draft findings to the assembled CAC and responded to questions and comments from the group during document preparation. The final TWP documents are posted exactly as they were received from the contractors. The documents are intended to be a factual inferences and recommendations contained in the reports are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of EQB or the CAC.

Literature Review:

Press releases:

GEIS update newsletter

This newsletter was distributed by the Environmental Quality Board to communicate recent developments and other news about the Generic Environmental Impact Statement on animal agriculture and feedlots to people interested in this important state effort. 

Citizen`s Advisory Committee meetings

The purpose of the Citizen Advisory Committee for the Generic Environmental Impact Statement on Animal Agriculture is to advise the Environmental Quality Board on the scope and content of the statewide study on animal agriculture.  Minutes are listed below; agendas are also available.

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