The September 18, 2019 EQB meeting will address four decision items and one informational item:

1) Decision: Environmental Quality Board's FY 2020-21 Work Plan

2) Decision: Rulemaking to adopt amendments of environmental review rules

3) Decision: Authorize State Environmental Review Program Subcommittee

4) Decision: Responsible Government Unit re-designation for the Fillmore Solar Project

5) Update on the Environmental Quality Board's 2020 State Water Plan

September 18 Board Meeting Audio


Location Instructions:

This meeting is at the MPCA building in the Lower Level Conference Room. The Blue Parking lot is 2 blocks away, has many open spots, and is free/open for members of the public attending the EQB meeting. The Blue Parking Lot is located off University and Olive Streets. The Jupiter Parking Lot has limited spaces but is also free and open to public attending the EQB meeting. The Jupiter Parking Lot is located across from the Law Enforcement Center on Grove Street. Please view the parking map.


You can view this meeting live online:


Meeting Location: 

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Lower Level Conference Rooms

520 Lafayette Rd North

St Paul, MN 55155

Start and End time: 
Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 1:00pm