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In 2019, Governor Tim Walz issued Executive Order 19-28 recognizing pollinators as important to Minnesota's economy, ecology, and way of life and directing state agencies to restore pollinator health in Minnesota. This order builds upon his predecessor's executive order, and continues the EQB's role in pollinator public engagement and implementation of the Interagency Pollinator Protection Team.

The Interagency Pollinator Protection Team includes representatives from the Minnesota Departments of Administration, Agriculture, Corrections, Education, Health, Natural Resources, and Transportation; the Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources; the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; and the Minnesota Zoological Garden. The Interagency Pollinator Protection Team provides operational support, ensures interagency cooperation, develops cross agency policies and programs, and reports annually on progress.

Pollinator Resources

Several state agencies that form the Interagency Pollinator Protection Team have developed resources and information to help protect pollinators.


Community Science Initiatives

Minnesotans of all ages can get involved in helping pollinators. A fun way to get plugged in is by joining a pollinator-related community science initiative, and there are many to chose from, such as:


NEW! Native Seed Packets​

Minnesota pollinators need our help. That’s why the Environmental Quality Board’s Interagency Pollinator Protection Team (IPPT) is distributing over 50,000 packets for Minnesotans to grow pollinator-friendly gardens. Most of these packets will be distributed during the 2021 Minnesota State Fair (TBD exact locations) and other State-agency led efforts. Below you can access a guide to help you kick-start a pollinator-friendly planting with the seeds from the native seed packets. This guide also includes additional resources to learn how to make your garden pollinator-friendly.

2021 Guide to planting a pollinator-friendly project

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For information on the Environmental Quality Board's pollinator work, contact Rebeca Gutierrez-Moreno (rebeca.gutierrez-moreno@state.mn.us, 651-757-2268).

Pollinator reports

2021 Minnesota State Agency Pollinator Report

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Minnesota State Agency Pollinator Report 2019

2019 Minnesota State Agency Pollinator Report

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Agency Pollinator Summaries 2019

Pollinator Legislation Memo 2019

Minnesota State Agency Pollinator Report 2018

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Minnesota State Agency Pollinator Report 2017

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Governor's Committee on Pollinator Protection (2016 - 2018)

Under Executive Order 16-07, the Environmental Quality Board supported the Governor's Committee on Pollinator Protection, comprised of 15 appointed members of the public with experience in agriculture, conservation, education, academia, and local government. The committee, formed in 2016, advised the governor, the Environmental Quality Board, the Interagency Pollinator Protection Team, and participating agencies on pollinator policy and programs. The Governor's Committee delivered a report with 39 recommendations in November 2018 documenting a range of ideas for pollinator conservation. The committee completed its work in December 2018.

Recommendations for Pollinator Protection in Minnesota

2018 Recommendations on Pollinator Protection - Governor's Committee on Pollinator Protection