Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions the EQB received from members of the public about the Climate Change and Environmental Review Pilot Program. This list will be updated as more questions come in.


When does the Pilot Program begin?

The Pilot Program will officially kick off on January 19, 2022. Sign up for email updates to be notified about upcoming meetings and events and opportunities to provide feedback. 


Can I register for the Cohort if I do not know whether I will have an active EAW during the time of the program?

Yes. RGUs and consultants are encouraged to register and participate in the cohort, even if they are not sure they will have a project undergoing review. Cohort members will attend the Speaker Series events and meet afterward to raise questions for discussion.


What types of consultants can register for the Cohort meetings?

Consultants are welcome to register if they have experience in environmental review or are currently assisting RGUs with environmental review. 


Can I forward my link to the Cohort meetings to other members of my team?

No, because registration links are unique to each participant. If another member of your team would like to attend, they can register individually. There is no limit to the number of team members allowed to participate.


I am a project proposer, how will I know if my project is required to use the new form? 

Once you determine that review is required, the designated RGU will let you know what information is necessary and which form to use. All RGUs have discretion for what information should be included on the EAW form, based on the nature and location of each project. The Pilot Program will not change that discretion. If an RGU determines climate information is relevant, they may begin using the draft revised EAW form at any time.


How can I provide feedback?

There are several ways to provide feedback – by participating in Board and Subcommittee meetings, Speaker Series meetings, Cohort meetings; through surveys; and by sending an email to