About the Environmental Quality Board

The Environmental Quality Board is made up of 9 agency heads and 8 public members. In addition to other duties, we provide leadership and coordination across agencies on priority environmental issues that are multi-jurisdictional, and multi-dimensional, as well as provide opportunities for public access and engagement.


Minnesota Statutes, Chapters 103A, 103B, 116C, 116D and 116G (Statutes and Rules of the EQB), directs EQB to:

  • Ensure compliance with state environmental policy
  • Oversee the environmental review process
  • Coordinate agencies and programs that affect the environment
  • Study environmental issues
  • Convene environmental congresses
  • Coordinate assessments of water resources
  • Develop water priorities and policy reports
  • Develop the state water plan
  • Administer critical areas designation and management
  • Coordinate development of an integrated state energy and environmental strategy report
  • Advise the Governor and the Legislature