EQB Board Meetings

EQB Board Meeting Proposed Agenda, December 20, 2017

Meeting Description:
The December 20, 2017 EQB meeting will address two informational items and one decision item:

1) 25% by 2025 Public Input and Engagement

2) COP23: UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany

3) Request for Authorization to Begin Formal Rulemaking Process for (R-04494) 4410.2550 Rulemaking: Allow a Proposer to Prepare a Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). (** Decision  Item)


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EQB Board Meeting Proposed Agenda, November 15, 2017

Meeting Description:
The November 15, 2017 EQB meeting will address two informational items:

1) Minnesota Sustainability Accomplishments and Goals: Office of Enterprise Sustainability and Public and Private Sustainability Efforts

2) Environmental Review Advisory Panel (ERAP) Update

3) Interagency Pollinator Protection Team and Governor’s Committee on Pollinator Protection Update 


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March 20, 2013 Board Meeting

I. *Adoption of Consent Agenda Proposed Agenda for March 20, 2013, Board Meeting February 20, 2013, Meeting Minutes

II. Introductions

III. Chair’s Report

IV. Executive Director’s Report

V. **473H Eminent Domain Decision Item

VI. **Fillmore-Houston-Winona County Request for Re-Designation of RGU for Environmental Review VII. Silica Sand Report Discussion Item

VIII. Adjourn 

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