Environmental Review Regulations

Current Regulations

Minnesota Statute 116D

Minnesota Rule 4410

Proposed Rulemaking

  • No new rulemaking is proposed at this time.

Historic Rulemaking

Minnesota Statute chapter. 14 (Administrative Procedures) requires the EQB to make an affirmative presentation of facts establishing the need for and reasonableness of the rules as proposed. In general terms, this means that the EQB must not be arbitrary or capricious in proposing rules. However, to the extent that need and reasonableness are separate, “need” has come to mean that a problem exists that requires administrative attention, and “reasonableness” means that the solution proposed by the EQB is appropriate.


Past Rulemaking Documents

2019 rulemaking documents are located at:  https://www.eqb.state.mn.us/content/eqb-mandatory-categories-rulemaking

Summary of the 2019 Rulemaking HERE