Environmental Review Master Contract

Enterprise Environmental Review and Technical Services Master Contract

Public and private projects in MN can have impacts on our air, land and water resources. For over four decades, Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) has helped minimize damage to Minnesota’s environment by requiring that certain projects go through an environmental review (ER) process before getting governmental permits or approvals. The ER process provides an opportunity for public comment and produces a document that identifies: 1) potential environmental effects of the proposed project and; 2) ways to reduce negative environmental effects.

Environmental review is conducted by a Responsible Government Unit (RGU). Under MEPA, RGUs have authority and responsibility to prepare environmental review documents (Environmental Assessment Worksheets, Environmental Impact Statements and Alternative Urban Areawide Reviews) that provide information concerning environmental effects of a proposed project to project proposers, governmental decision makers and the public and, when applicable, engage stakeholders in the process.


Who will be able to use the contract?

This Program will be available for use by state agencies and other local government entities as well as non-profit organizations eligible under the State’s cooperative purchasing venture (“CPV”) program. CPVs are established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes § 16C.03, subdivision 10 and includes, but is not limited to, counties, cities, school districts, higher education and non-profit organizations. 

For more information on becoming a qualified CPV member, follow this link http://www.mmd.admin.state.mn.us/cpv2.htm, or contact the Office of State Procurement Helpline at (651)296-2600.  If you are a CPV and have worked with a competent, qualified contractor in the past that you think should be considered, please forward this information and suggest they submit an application.


What services will be offered?

The Minnesota Department of Administration is introducing the Enterprise Environmental Review and Technical Services Master Contract Program (the “Program”) to support state agencies and governmental units with the preparation of environmental review and decision documents, and analyses in technical specialties. Once the ER Master Contract process is complete, contactors will remain on the list for two years with the possibility of an additional three year extension, depending utilization.  Contractors who apply will be able to select the services they want to offer (i.e. developing complete environmental review documents and/or developing specific types of stand-alone studies like traffic studies, wildlife studies, assessments of archeological and historic resources, etc. and/or assisting with implementation of best practices for communication and public engagement).

  1. Environmental Review
    1. EAW
    2. EIS
    3. AUAR
  2. Public Engagement
    1. Communications
    2. Editing/Technical Writing
    3. Public/Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Community Assessment
    1. Health Assessment
    2. Social Impacts Assessment
    3. Economic Impacts Analysis
    4. Traffic and Transportation Impact Assessment
    5. Greenhouse Gas Assessment
    6. Cultural Impacts Assessment
  4. Technical Assessment
    1. Land Use
    2. Geology, Hydrogeology and Soils
    3. Ecological
    4. Water Resources
    5. Air
    6. Contamination/ Hazards Materials/ Wastes
    7. Cumulative Potential Effects Assessment
    8. GIS Data Analysis


Contact Information

PaZong Thao, Contracts Specialist
Minnesota Department of Administration