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Agency report
Summary of literature related to land use: generic environmental impact statement on animal agriculture

Extent: 51p., 251K, PDF
Description: Bibliography of literature related to the effects of feedlots and animal agriculure
Date: September 1, 1999
Subject(s): Agriculture; Regional planning; Feedlots
Creator(s): Jean Coleman, Torn Daniels, David Pitt [et al.]
Publisher: Minnesota Planning (Agency).
Contact: ,

Nearly 100 University of Minnesota researchers, with representatives from other universities and the private sector, searched extensively for information on the 12 major topics in the Feedlot GEIS. Their findings arepresented in a 1,500-page analysis, A Summary of the Literature Related to the Social, Environmental, Economic and Health Effects. The GEIS Advisory Committee spent hundreds of hours reviewing drafts and advising researchers on their work. All reports were reviewed by the advisory committee, the EQB and a group of external reviewers convened by the University of Minnesota. As a result of their efforts, the EQB has a reference tool to use throughout the feedlot study.

"The summary is an excellent starting point for the next level of EQB decision-making," noted EQB chair, Gene Hugoson. The summary points out the differences of opinion and the gaps in the research. The advisory committee and EQB will use this information as they decide on the additional research needed to complete the GEIS."

The literature summary presents research on 12 areas affected by the livestock industry: social, land use, role of government, industrystructure and competitiveness, profitability and economic viability,external benefits and costs, water, air quality and odors, soils, manureand crop nutrients, human health, and animal health.

To order a copy of the full literature summary at $130, contact Minnesota’sBookstore at 651-297-3000

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