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Project: Groundwater technical workgroup

The Environmental Quality Board charged the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Ecological and Water Resources, to work with EQB staff to lead a team of expert hydrologists to evaluate models and tools needed for managing groundwater sustainably. The final report, Evaluation of Models and Tools for Assessing Groundwater Availability and Sustainability: Priorities for Investment, was presented to the Environmental Quality Board on November 18, 2010.

This Groundwater Technical Workgroup product is the next step in the state's ongoing dedication to sustainable water management. In 2008 the Environmental Quality Board established an interagency working group to consider water availability issues in Minnesota, devising a broader framework in which the state might evaluate current and future water uses. The EQB adopted the final report on November 20, 2008, Managing for Water Sustainability: A Report of the EQB Water Availability Project. 

It was at this November 2008 meeting, EQB directed the DNR to take the lead to evaluate models and tools to assess water availability and sustainability and their appropriate applications for resource management. In March 2009 the DNR created a Groundwater Technical Workgroup to pursue this charge, tapping assistance from a group of  ground water professionals. The group met in 2009 and 2010 to generate guidance with the goal of advancing sustainable management of ground water.

 As a project partner the EQB is hosting this web page and discussion board.


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