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Project: Water sustainability assessment

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Minnesota Statutes, section 103A.43 directs the Environmental Quality Board and Department of Natural Resources to conduct a biennial assessment of the availability of water to meet the state’s long range needs. The most recent report, Use of Minnesota’s Renewable Water Resources: Moving Toward Sustainability, was completed April 2007, with ongoing activities in preparation for the next biennial reporting.

The analysis found that counties in the Twin Cities-St. Cloud growth corridor already place significant demands on their water resources, making water supply management a special concern. In the remainder of the state, because water is not evenly distributed, care must be taken by local and state officials in planning to meet new demands.

The report calls for better information about Minnesota’s water resources, including accelerated research to map and evaluate ground waters and define important connections to surface waters. It also argues for better understanding of how land use activities and water quality may affect future water supplies.

The next biennial assessment will identify additional information gaps and research needs for water use and availability projections in the future, building upon the work of the first report. The information developed through this study will help policy makers understand what's needed to make better educated decisions about water allocation and future development.



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