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Environmental review guidance documents

Links to documents which provide instruction and assistance to those involved with the environmental review process

General Guidance documents

Alternative urban areawide review

Citizen petitions

  • A Citizen's Guide: the Petition Process: More extensive information for citizens about the petitioning process: NOTE: 100 signatures now required for EAW petition. The environmental review statute was amended during the 2011 legislative session to increase the number of signatures required for a petition for an environmental assessment worksheet from 25 to 100. The statute was also amended to require that the petitioners must reside or own property in the state (Minnesota Laws, Chapter 107, Section 87), January 18, 2006. (1.02 M, .pdf) | Guide details
  • Reviewing Petitions: A Procedural Guide for Local RGUs: Suggested procedures and tips for responding to a Citizen's Petition and determining if an EAW should be ordered, January 18, 2006. (911.98K, .pdf) | Guide details

Environmental assessment worksheets


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